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Growing up in Mount Vernon, NY around hearing family and friends wasn't the easiest! At a very young age, I had to learn how to acclimate to the hearing world and I'm still learning today! To no surprise, music is one of my instructors.

I got my first taste of spinning at age 13 when I stumbled across my father’s turntables. Lucky for me, I acquired his want to play and his great sense of musical selection. Armed with these innate abilities and his guidance, I figured let's give this DJ "thing" a try!

Like many battles, adversity arises! Mine came in the death of my biggest supporter, my best friend Christopher Alexander Ridley. Now I'm left to achieve this dream for the both of us!

To date, I have played for a multitude of audiences and the list is growing...College Parties, Night Clubs, Weddings, BBQ's, etc.
Live Radio Sessions, Mixtapes, Competitions, etc.

Music is my life, and currently my you can sense my determination!
I am fully aware of my impediment, yet I am determined to succeed.

With your help, I WILL take the world by storm!

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